Research Services We Offer:

Market Inquiry offers qualitative as well as quantitative research with highly trained professional interviewers and project management coordinators. A customized database enables our staff to meet your specific research objectives in all markets.
  • Pharmaceutical (OTC and Prescription)
  • Business -to- Business
  • Consumer
  • Food Industry
  • Medical
  • Convention Recruiting
  • Mock Trial
  • Store Audits
  • Appliances / Home Improvement Research
We will accommodate your needs by providing…
  • Focus Groups
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Focus Vision, Video Streaming
  • Wireless Internet
  • National and local recruiting done on site
  • Web based surveys
  • Traditional pencil and paper surveys
  • Screener Development / Questionnaire Design
  • Coding / Tabulating & Report Generation
  • Full kitchen available for taste tests
  • Warehouse with Loading Dock